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Military Leather Pouches, Swords Belts and Accoutrements
British Army - Royal Navy - Royal Air Force - Colonial - American Revolution - War of 1812 - Victorian - 20th Century - Modern

An excellent selection of hard to find military leather goods are offered here at affordable prices. The modern military sword belts with slings, for example, are sold in the United Kingdom for almost twice the price offered here. Other items are only available through our company.

Sword Belts and Bags

British Sam Browne Officer's Belt
(includes Frog)

Made from high quality leather with excellent quality brass hardware. The construction of this dark brown belt matches the UK Military of Defence specifications.  Sold by other companies in the UK and Europe for twice the price for the exact same item from the same manufacturer!

Black and plated Steel also available Image here

Please specify colour: brown or black

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Item code: ACC-012

89.00    99.00

royal canadian navy sword belt black leather
Royal Navy Officer's Belt and Slings

Hand stitched from British Ministry of Defence specification modern black patent leather with gold plated (gilt) buckle and hardware. Sold by other companies in the UK and Europe for twice the price. For example one UK firm is charging 200.00 ($360.00CAN) for the exact same belt from the same manufacturer.

 Images: Image 1

Item code: ACC-007

99.00       129.00


RAF belt.JPG (74691 bytes)
Royal Air Force Belt and Slings

Regulation blue and gold straping back with quality leather and mounted with gold plated (gilt) buckle and hardware. Sold by other companies in the UK and Europe for twice the price for the exact same item from the same manufacturer!

Sold out

Item code: ACC-014

Shipping: Sold out

royal navy embroidered ceremonial admiral dress sword belt
Royal Navy Ceremonial Dress Sword Belt

Introduced in 1856, this hand embroidered full dress sword belt was originally for Royal Navy Captains.  Today it is worn by Vice and Rear Admirals in the Royal Navy and the Royal Canadian Navy.  Below are images of the royal family wearing this belt in ceremonial occasions.   As the images attest, the hand embroidery and the deep gold plated metal hardware is second to none in quality.   Amazing quality.  Amazing price.

Images: Image 1  Image 2

Item code: ACC-021

499.00      649.00

royal family wearing royal navy dress sword belt
Left to Right: King George V, Prince Andrew, Prince Charles, Vice Admiral Laurence with Princess Royal, Royal Navy Rear Admiral.

sword bag.JPG (42883 bytes)
Leather Sword Bag and Chamois Cover

Quality leather bag with alum-tanned chamois liner completes this ideal accessory for protecting your sword. To compare pricing, one UK firm is charging 149.00 for the bag and 74.00 for chamois cover, for a total of 223.00 ($400.00CAN)! They are both from the same manufacturer.

119.00     139.00

Item code: ACC-015




Cartridge Pouches, Boxes and Accoutrements

The Rifles cross belt pouch officers and warrant officers WO

Rifle Regiment Officer's Cross Belt and Pouch

Originally borrowed from the Light Cavalry, this pouch has been worn by British and Commonwealth Rifle officers since the 1790s when Rifle corps were first formed.   The pattern offered here is to regulation specifications of both the British Ministry of Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces.  

The brightly plated metal furniture is dazzling beside the illustrious sheen of the black patent leather.  Today this cross belt is own by the both officers and Warrant officers (WO).  The belt is 76 mm wide (3 inches). This exact same belt is sold in the United Kingdom Regimental Kit Shops for 160.00 ($198.00 USD or $250.00CAD)! 

Additional Images: Image 1   Image 2   Image 3

Item code: ACC-022

159.00      199.00

Queen's Own Rifles officer wearing this cross belt

Webley Revolver Pistol  Holster  ww1  ww2

WW1 Webley Revolver Holster

Beautiful reproduction of a British pistol holster used in both WW1 and WW2.  Durably stitched heavy leather construction.  Many other copies are too thin and tire too easily.   

Item code: ACC-023

$49.00      $68.00


giberne2.jpg (95495 bytes)

French Infantry and Marine "demi-giberne' or Cartridge Pouch and Belt 1750-1765

Cartridge Pouch and Belt: SOLD OUT
Item Code: ACC-016

Additional Images: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3.

YES the polished "Moroccan" red is correct. This is an incredibly complex pouch with a number of layers of leather and compartments.

* Special thanks to David Ledoyen for his research.

British Army Cartridge Pouch, Belt and Waistbelt 1740s-1768

Complete Set: 175.00US 199.00CAN
Item Code: ACC-010

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cartridge belly box.jpg (9783 bytes)

British Army Belly Box 1745-1783

The belly box we reproduce is based an original George II belly box in the Parks Canada collection. They are made from fine imported oiled leather and stamped with a gold G 2 R and crown. This item has a drilled box of 18 holes and was used from the French and Indian Wars and into the American Revolution.

Sold out

Item code: ACC-001

British Army Cartridge Box or Pouch, Rawl's 1777 pattern

105.00US 125.00CAN

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Item Code: ACC-005

knapsack5.jpg (11381 bytes)

British Army Painted Knapsack 1768 - 1810

Sold out

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Item Code: ACC-003

British Army Cartridge Box or Pouch, 1804 Pattern,
used 1804-1820

109.00US 129.00CAN

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Item Code: ACC-011

British Army Haversack 1768-1820

Sold out

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Item Code: ACC-017

British Army Wooden Canteen and Leather Strap, 1800-1867

Sold out

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Item Code: ACC-018

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