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The Bizarre Attack on Cadiz and an Englishman Duels Three Spaniards at Once! This amazing and true story should be a movie. Date 1625 "Manly" Battling with Matchlock, Rapier and Quarterstaff.
The Bizarre Attack on Cadiz and an Englishman Duels Three Spaniards at Once! This amazing and true story should be a movie.
Rage, Fury, and Desperation The Struggle of Schellenberg Heights, 1704. "Rage, Fury, and Desperation" The Struggle of Schellenberg Heights, 1704
An exciting eyewitness account of cannonade carnage, bayonet charges, grenade barrages, and a daring escape.
The Backdoor to the Confederacy, 1863.
Camels, Cotton, Union renegades, and a Texan lynching along the Rio Grande.
Ramming Speed! Naval Battles of the Ironclad Emperor of the Pacific
A Story of Bravery, Honour, Technology, and Bird Droppings.
Count Dracula's War on Islam
A True Story of Cruelty, Power and Betrayal as the real Dracula battles with the Islamic forces of the Ottoman or Turkish Empire..
The Extraordinary Life and Sword Play of Lieutenant John Shipp
 The life of John Shipp is so interwoven with adventure and bravery, it sounds like a work of fiction.  His sword fight with a Ghurka warlord is masterfully recounted by the Lieutenant himself.
Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Latin America
Bolivar is one of the most significant military figures in the history of the New World yet is a relative unknown to the English-speaking historical enthusiasts. This article attempts to rectify this.
Winning the French and Indian War with Beer 
The struggles faced and a secret to preserving a fighting force while campaigning in the wilderness of North America.
"Full of Confidence" The American Attack on Kingston in 1812
 U.S. Commodore Isaac Chauncey's daring raid into the fortified harbour of Kingston during the War of 1812.
The Battle of Lake George, New York in 1755
 The French and Indian War did not start well for the American colonies, but the battle of Lake George gave the colonists hope the French could be defeated.


The British Fire Bombing of Quebec, 1759
The most destructive event in the entire French and Indian War was the bombardment of Quebec.  Fire was used on both sides from fire ships to fire bombs. What happened and the technology used is covered here.
From Bright Steel to Brown: The Colour of Brown Bess Musket Barrels 1755-1815
This article explores the evolution from highly polished musket barrels in the 18th century to the browning of the infantry brown bess.
On the Thin Red Line: Loading and Firing Muskets in the Crimean War, 1854-56
How did the British survive the onslaught of Russian cavalry while still deployed in line?  A rapid rate of fire and a good bayonet. This article provides the drill procedure of loading and firing used by British infantry , along with insights into what the British were armed with.
Case Shot or Canister Shot used by Artillery in the 18th Century
Devastating to Infantry, canister shot used in cannons is studied in detail here.



Black Powder flintlock and Matchlock Muskets and Pistols Muzzleloaders


The Life of General James Wolfe. Details of the short life of Britain's hero of the French and Indian War.

 The War from the Saddle: The Diary of Lieutenant John Lang, 19th Light Dragoons, 1813-1814 Never before published extracts of a diary of British cavalry officer during the War of 1812.

His Majesty's 40th Regiment of Foot in North America, 1717-1764. This article explores the formation of the 40th and their struggles with the forces of New France including their services at the capture of Louisbourg, the battle of the Plains of Abraham, and the Caribbean campaigns.

 Royal Navy Uniform in Elizabethan Times This is a copy of one of the first orders concerning the dress of the Royal Navy. It is reproduced here in old English complete with the original spellings.

 Experimental British General Service Medal. Early into the reign of William IV there was a cry from military officers that a medal be issued for the services of soldiers in times of conflict. Described and illustrated here is one suggested pattern.

 Military Tailor Drawings. Displayed here are some historic tailor drawings of military uniforms of a feature British regiment during the Napoleonic Wars.

Assistant Surgeon William Faulkner of the 41st Regiment during the War of 1812 There is a history of the 41st Regiment's service, a brief biography of Faulkner, and details of the uniform worn by Surgeons.

The British Grenadiers and their Mitre Caps. Why did the grenadiers wear tall caps while the rest of the army wore hats? The answer is here along with details on the famous mitre cap.

The Imperial Guard at Austerlitz and Jena. This is a brief excerpt on the Garde Impériale from 1803 to Jena. A great short read for Napoleonic enthusiasts.




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