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Welcome! We love history. So do you. That is why we put the glory of the past in your hands by offering you museum-quality military heritage products. Our site makes history a click  away with free articles and research.  History is within your reach. Grab it!

Elegant Swords for Sale
Black Powder flintlock and Matchlock Muskets and Pistols Muzzleloaders
Other Products like Epaulets, Whistles, Sashes etc.

Military History Cavalry Helmets
We Make Beautiful Military Braid and Trim for Uniforms
Leather Belting, Pouches and More
Our Past Museum and Film Projects


News Flash: Beautiful picture of our Busbies that were used to commemorate WW1's fallen.  What an honour.  We are also proud to have provided our products to the Tony Award winning Broadway musical Hamilton    Our Flintlock Muskets and Swords continue to be in Huge Demand by the Entertainment industry and World-class Museums.  

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