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French Napoleonic Cavalry Helmets



French Napoleonic Shakos, Caps, and other Headdress

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Headdress Parts and Trimmings

MIS-055 French Brass Chin Scales (set). They are fully assembled and ready to be mounted on any shako. Available for the great price of 49.50US (55.00CAD). The round disk boss is sold separately. 2 French Brass Bosses (Star, Grenade, or Bugle Horn) for 19.50US (22.50CAD) (code:MIS-059).

MIS-047 French Shako Pompoms. Our pompoms are like the originals with wool tufting yarn around a wood core or ball. It is difficult to tell them apart from the originals. They are simply beautiful and extremely durable in the rain, snow, sun, etc. We have a number of colours in stock including sky blue, green, yellow, red, aurore (orange-like), wine (purplish red), white and white-over-red. 24.50US (29.00CAN) Image

MIS-036 French Shako Wool Cords in white, green, yellow or red are offered here for 39.00US (44.00CAN) each (MIS-036). Also French gold and silver (metallic-mylar) shako cords also available along with Gold/red mixed cords for sergeants -each for 59.00US (68.00CAN) (MIS-045)

MIS-008 French Leather Cockades Tooled leather cockades on shakos are now for sale. The French cockade is 5.00US (6.00CAN) unpainted. Image

French Shako or Bearskin Plates

MIS-023 1806 French Diamond Plate 39.50US (45.00CAN)*
MIS-021 1812 Pattern Plate
55.00US (79.50CAN). Grenadier Plate version also available. *
*Numbers are not cut out on the plates. Extra Charge: 9.50US (7.25CAN) for each number cut out

MIS-050 Imperial Guard Bearskin Plate. Made from an original, this copper plate is simply beautiful . Image of Plate on a Bearskin 49.50US (55.00CAN).

2. Complete Military Headdress

Bearskins of the Garde Imperiale

Yes the famous bearskin caps of Napoleon's Imperial Guard have been reproduced! After extensive study we are now reproducing this famous headdress complete with handsewn leather shell, bearskin, woolen patch with ornament, plate, cords, round tricolor wool tuft with eagle, and the red plume. Both the earlier and the later style are available. At the conference of the Napoleonic Society of America, the prototype received rave reviews from collectors, historians, and dealers alike.

Image of Imperial Guard Bonnet a poil (Bearskin)

Image of a Carabinier Bonnet a poil (Bearskin)

HAT009 Other Ranks Model....895.00US (995.00CAN)

French Shako, 1806 Model

This was the first official model of the shako for Napoleon's army. It has leather re-enforcing strips at the side in the shape of chevrons. Originally they were made without chin scales but by 1807 most had them added. Everything is constructed with materials from all over the world and all the leather is handsewn. The model 1806 hand-blocked felt shako comes complete with chin scales, numbered shako plate, molded leather "fea-track design" visor, molded leather tri-colour cockade, worsted cords & plume. We also make other coloured felt bodies depending on the regiment.

Image of 1806 Colonel's Shako- Legion Irlandaise

Image of 1806 Grenadier Officer Shako

Image of 1806 Grenadier or Carabinier Shako with Grenade Plate

Image of 1806 Voltigeur Company shako

Image of 1806 Grenadier Sergeant's Shako

Image of 1806 Young Guard Shako

Image of 1806 Fusilier-Chasseur of the Middle Guard Shako

HAT010 Other Ranks Shako.........595.00US (725.00CAN)

HAT011 Officer's Shako with chevrons and round top covered with gold metal lace along with gold cords and tassels, as well all the brass is plated with gold..........875.00US (1050.00CAN)

French Shako, 1810 Model

The model 1810 shako was made taller and larger in top diameter than its predecessor. The leather chevrons at the side and the shako cords were eliminated. This example comes complete with chin scales, numbered shako plate and plume. That said some regiments continue to purchase cords for their shakos despite the new regulations.

Image of a trumpeter's shako

Detail of same

Image of the 1810 Grenadier Shako wearing the cords

HAT012 Other Ranks Shako........495.00US (580.00CAN)

French Shako, 1812-15 Model

The 1812 model shako retained the dimensions of the 1810 model but replaced the simple lozenge shaped plate with an eagle over a shield. The plume was discontinued, with only the pompon remaining. These shakos come complete with chin scales, numbered shako plate and a company pompon of your choice.

Image of Other Ranks Shako- 21eme Regiment de ligne

Image of a Voltigeur Officer's 1812 Shako

HAT013 Other Ranks.......495.00US (580.00CAN)
HAT001 1812 Shako Kit (leather needles and wax thread not included)..250.00US (350.00CAN)

French Hussar Bearskin Colback (Busby)

The most famous of the Hussar's headdress was the bearskin colback. This item has a leather shell interior covered with bearskin with a cloth bag piped with lace or metal soutache, closing the colback's top. Trimmings include knotted cords, plume, and a tricolour woolen ball tuft with an embroidered eagle. Holding this headdress on the soldier's head was a set of chin chains mounted on leather.

Colpak of an Officer of the Chasseur a Cheval de la Garde

Detail of the Same

HAT014 Other Ranks Colback.........795.00US (875.00CAN)
HAT015 Officer's Colback...............895.00US (995.00CAN)

Napoleon's Bicorne as Republican General & First Consul

Celebrate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's victories in Italy and Egypt by commissioning a reproduction of his early gold-laced bicorne (chapeau bras). Made of fine woolen felt and trimmed with the best quality gilt metal lace, this item is an elegant symbol of your interest in the achievements of Napoleon.

Napoleon's Dress Bicorne.........Presently Not Available

His later bicorne without lace is also available.

HAT016 Napoleon's Undress Bicorne......... 359.00US (385.00CAN)

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