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provided the military costume, weapons, and equipment for the October 2014 Broadway production Amazing Grace: A New Musical
See it at the Nederlander Theatre in New York starting June 25, 2016


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Our Mission

"Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General) provides an exclusive line of top quality military heritage products for museums and the selective collector. Products range from custom-made replicas, historical research services and rentals for museums and the film industry, and stock military reproductions. Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General) is committed to museum ethics, and to thorough research and customer education on its entire product line." --Mission Statement, 1995 Business Plan.


National museums, film companies, collectors, and military heritage enthusiasts like you from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia.... come to Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General) because we are willing to take on the challenging task of custom-making military history replicas. We have researched and constructed everything from French naval officer uniforms for the War of the Austrian Succession, to Rifle accoutrements for the Crimean War. If you wish to see the wide variety of items we have produced, visit our Product Index or any of our topic websites. If you are in the film industry and would like information on organizing special skill extras, military costume design, props rentals, artwork, battle choreography visit: Heritage Film Services. Some of our museum clients include:

National Army Museum (UK)
Colonial Williamsburg (US)
National Parks Service (US)
The Royal Armouries (UK)
The Smithsonian Institution (US)
Musee de l'armee (France)
Royal Marines Museum (UK)
Royal Green Jackets Museum (UK)
Canadian War Museum
National Museum of Civilization
Fortress Louisbourg NHS
The Halifax Citadel NHS
Rideau Canal World Heritage Site
Artillery Park, Quebec City
Fort Chambly National Historic Site
Battle of the Chateauguay Nat. Historic Site
Fort Lennox National Historic Site
Fort Malden National Historic Site
Heritage Toronto
Historic Fort York
Fort Wellington National Historic Site
Parks Canada, Headquarters
Fort George National Historic Site
Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site
Fort St. Joseph National Historic Site
Discovery Harbour (Naval and Military Establishment)
Fort Henry National Historic Site
Battlefield House, Stoney Creek
Fort Erie, Niagara Parks Commission
David M. Stewart Museum (Fort on St. Helen's Island)
Fort Vancouver National Historic Park (US)
The Alamo (US)
Old Fort Niagara State Park (US)
National Battlefield Commission -Plains of Abraham
Fort Ingall
Coteau du Lac National Historic Site
Batoche National Historic Site
Carleton Martello Tower National Historic Site
Malta Historical Society (Malta)
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Centre


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Access Heritage Logo (formerly the Discriminating General)
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