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PLEASE NOTE: Bad copies of some of our Swords are being sold by other companies.
They are NOT from our Company and are INFERIOR in quality.

Britiish Light Dragoon with 1796 sabre


Military and Historical Swords

"Providing Museum Quality Swords since 1995"

Great attention to detail and authenticity has been paid in making our military edged weapons. As you will see, the following hand forged, battle ready replicas are not only rare and beautifully constructed, but also affordably priced. Each military sword blade is made of superior AISI 1055 high carbon steel and are evenly tempered and well-balanced.

- "Our superior quality edged weapons come with a Money-back Guarantee" -

Sword Categories:

American Swords

British and Scottish Swords

French Swords

German and Japanese Swords

Military Sword Knots

Sword Belts and Bags

"My Voice is in my Sword."
- William Shakespeare (Macbeth)

Black Powder Flintlock Muzzleloaders

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