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Reproduction Heritage and Military Uniform Buttons

- Military - Civilian - Corporate


- manufacturing custom made buttons from artistic design through to completed product

- over one hundred different button styles to view on-line and purchase

- clients include museums, armed forces, reenactment societies, the film industry and corporations from around the world (with major clients in Great Britain, France, Germany and the United States)

- made of lead-free metal

- can be plated in different metals: copper, gold, silver, and brass

- antique finishes are also possible with an oxidization process

- finished buttons are of excellent quality at an affordable price

- button shanks are of brass wire, superior to solid cast designs

- mass manufactured industrially in Canada and shipped worldwide


This vast collection of reproduction military and civilian buttons has been designed, engineered, and sculpted as an alternative to the poor quality buttons presently on the market. For example the majority of reproduction buttons made for the reenactment hobby are inferior in many respects to originals:

  • they are moulded with bubbles and other flaws

  • are a health concern because of lead content

  • details are not crisp

  • bulky shanks are cast solid with pewter (we use wire just like the originals -cast shanks cut threads, damage the cloth of the uniform, and force the button to sit on an odd angle - there is a reason they made them with wire historically)

  • they are cast of inferior metals and oxidize quickly to a dark grey and do not polish easily

  • the inferior metals have a lower melting point and in many cases melt at the touch of an iron

For these reasons, all the buttons presented here are made from a superior lead-free pewter; moulds are industrially-manufactured; and each sample is spun-cast to create a crisp, proper reproduction like the quality of historic buttons. Finally an alternative for the authenticity purist. No more lead pipes melted and poured into a cheap rubber mould in the back of the garage! Whenever possible original buttons (either historical objects or archaeological specimens) have been utilized in the artistic process.

The below sections are a sampling of the many buttons we have produced. We are continually adding to this listing.

Button Sections:

Military Uniform Buttons: The American Revolution (Images)

Military Uniform Buttons: The Napoleonic Wars: Great Britain (Images)

Military Uniform Buttons: The Napoleonic Wars: France and the United States (Images)

Military Uniform Buttons: The Victorian Era and WW I : Britain and the United States (Images)

Fur Trade, Civilian, Pirate, Scottish and Corporate Buttons (Images)

Price and Minimum Quantity


pewter (P) buttons sized small, breast, or gaiter

$1.99US (2.49CAN)

pewter (P) buttons sized large or coat

$1.99US (2.49CAN)

plated (B, C, G or S) buttons sized small, breast, or gaiter

$1.99US (2.99CAN)

plated (B, C, G or S) buttons sized large or coat

$1.99US (2.99CAN)

Minimum Quantity per order:

50 buttons
of same style
(can mix sizes)

Please note: It takes 3 to 4 weeks to manufacture your button order.

Because our Buttons are Custom made, they cannot be returned.


If the button you are looking for is not available, we research, design and manufacture a mold for you. Unfortunately there is an additional $125.00US (150.00CAN) art/mold charge we incur that has to be passed on to the client. However this charge is waved if the size of your order is over 500 buttons.

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