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French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet  (1806 Pattern)

Left side of replica French Napoleon Dragoon Helmet for sale
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detail of French Dragoon helmet for sale Chin Scales

French Dragoon Helmet for sale Detail image of plume, holder turban and boss

French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet with Habit and sword for sale

detail of medusa head and tulip plume holder for French Dragoon Helmet

French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet    Introduced at the height of Napoleon's Empire,  the 1806 pattern Dragoon Helmet is iconic for the battle success at Jena, Friedland, Eylau, Corunna, and Wagram.  As the photograghs attest this is a beautiful reproduction of this famous helmet from ornamental comb to the intricate chin scales and "flea track" embossed leather visor with brass edging. 

At the time, most dragoon helmets were not wrapped with leopard skin turban but with cow hide painted to simulate leopard skin.  That is how this reproduction has been decorated, so this helmet is safe to ship anywhere in the world.   The brass tulip that holds the black horse hair plume is particularly eye-catching.  Please note the use of the Medusa head on the front of the comb.  The symbolism of Medusa was the ability of the wearer to "turn his enemies into stone" with his valour. 

Clearly this helmet is an amazing addition to anyone's collection and a conversation piece with any guest. 


Dragoon capturing a Prussian Regimental Colour at the Battle of Eylau, 1807

Colonel of the 1st Regiment of Dragoons still wearing the 1806 pattern of Dragoon helmet in 1815


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