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New Additions

French Napoleonic Cavalry Helmets

French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet

Carabiner Officer Helmet 1812   649.00
AMR008  (product page under construction)

Napoleonic Cuirassier Trooper's Helmet 549.00 AMR009 (product page under construction)

1811 Light Cavalry Lancer Helmet   599.00
AMR010  (product page under construction)



Link to 16th Century Matchlock musket used by ExplorersLink to 1801 model German Infantry Musket

Presently working on a Museum Exhibit for Hong Kong.  We will then add some more new products!




Muskets and Pistols:

Double barreled flintlock pistol for sale
Double Barreled Pistol

French 1733 Navy Pistol

1809 Prussian Potsdam Musket used in the American Civil War

1742 Long Land Brown Bess with Nose Cap


Other Reproductions:

Black and Dark Brown Military Pattern "Sam Browne" Sword belts to UK Ministry of Defence Specifications click here for details

royal family wearing royal navy dress sword belt
Royal Navy Embroidered Ceremonial Dress Sword Belt  click here for details

Rifles Officer and WO Cross Belt   click here for details

Webley Revolver Pistol  Holster  ww1  ww2

Webley Revolver Holster   click here for details


British WW2 Brodie Helmets

69.00US 89.00CAN Code: WW2004

British WW1 Brodie Helmets

see our World War one section for details

WW1004 89.00US 109.00CAN


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