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Arms for the Baltic, 1813-1814
by Keith Raynor

The following are documents pertaining to Arms and Ammunition issued to the Allies in Europe and sent to the Baltic for their use in 1813-1814.

"Ordnance Correspondence, Master General 1814.

"Recd. 4th June.


In obedience to the Order of the Honble. Board dated 12th May last, upon a letter from Lieut. Colonel Chapman secretary the Earl of Mulgrave, Master General, desiring that " An account of the value of certain Equipments furnished to the allies in the north of Europe according to an accompanying schedule ", might be furnished to His Lordship for the information of Earl Bathurst, I beg to transmit the said valuations to you, and have the Honor to be,

Sir, your most obedient, humble servant,

James H. B---------

Office of Ordnance, Tower 3 June 1813

(To) Robert H. Crew esq.


"5th June 1813

Ordered that a copy of the accompanying account be sent to the Master General conformably to His Lordship's desire exprefsed in Lt. Col. Chapmans letter dated the 11th Ultimo.

An Account of the Value of Arms, Artillery, Ammunition, etc. ifused for service of the Allies in the North of Europe. Prepared pursuant to a schedule accompanying the order of the Board dated 12th May 1813 for this valuation viz :

. S. d.

No.1 50,000 stand of Arms shipped for Riga. 107,997 7 11

No.2 Arms for about 20,000 Infantry and 3,000 Cavalry with ammunition etc.
and stores shipped for Carlsham. 110,030 7S. 4d.

No.3 Arms for 20,000 Infantry and 8,000 Light Cavalry with ammunition etc.3,000 Barrels of Powder, and 80 pieces of Artillery with ammunition and stores shipped for Colberg. 127,660 14S. 0d.

No.4 10,000 stand of Arms with Ammunition shipped on Board the "Ladies Adventure" for Heligoland. 28,469 8S. 5d.

No.5 20,000 stand of Arms with ammunition etc. shipped on Board the Guardian, Ranger and Betsey Transports for Do. 53,461 4S. 7d.


427,619 2 3

James H.Barn----

3rd June 1813


MG. Office of Ordnance 14th July 1813 ( recd 14 )


The Department of the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs having made application for "an account of the value of the several cargoes of Ordnance stores, Arms and Ammunition which have been ordered to the Baltic for the service of the Allies, distinguishing the ships on board which they they were embarked, the Country for which they were intended, and to whom consigned". I caused the enclosed memorandum viz Ordnance, small arms and stores sent to the Baltic, to be made out, and transmitted it to Mr. Hamilton, requesting him to communicate with the War Department on the subject, and to note such equipment as had been applied to the use of the Allies : His observations containing the information required are inserted thereon in red ink, and the Master General desires that you will furnish me with the valuation etc of the several articles as required, in order that it may be forwarded to Mr. Hamilton.

I have the Honor to be Sir, Your most obedient Humble Servant,

---- Chapman.

(To) R.H. Crew esq.

Request Mr. Ban---- will send me the valuation of the different supplies noted in red ink at the Secretary of States Office, as speedily as pofsible. R.H.C. 14th July 1813"

(A copy of this immediately for the Secretary of State altered--- ---- Red Ink).

Memo : Of Ordnance, small arms, stores, etc. sent to the Baltic :-

23 Mortars and Howitzers with ammunition, etc.| Sent to the Baltic to Sir J. Saumarez in consequence
20,000 stand of arms, with ammunition, etc.| of Lord Castlereaghs letter of 25th July 1812
50,000 stand of arms | In consequence of Lord Castlereaghs letter of 30th August 1812
*50,000 stand of arms | In consequence of Lord Castlereaghs letter of 19th Oct. 1812
*50,000 stand of arms | In consequence of Lord Castlereaghs letter of 19th Feby. 1813
*54 Pieces of Field Ordnance, with armes for about 20,000 Infantry and Cavalry, with ammunition, stores, etc| Ordered in Feby. 1813 in consequence of communication from the Fr. Office in lieu

of the equipment ------| in Lord Bunbury's letter of 22nd Jany. which was cancelled. (Half sent to Prussia. The other half at Stralsund for the use of the German Legion in the Russian service).

*10,000 stand of arms with ammunition and flints| Ordered 23rd March 1813 in consequence of a conversation with Mr. Cooke.

4 Lt. 6 pounders 2 5 1/2 inch Howitzers with ammunition, etc.| Ordered 30th March 1813, in consequence of a Col. Bunbury letter of the same date. These were for the purpose of instruction [ to the German Levis and to accompany some picked men from the German Legion.

*80 pieces of Ordnance, 3,000 Barrels of powder, Arms for 20,000 Infantry and 8,000 Lt.Cavalry with ammunition, etc.| Ordered in consequence of Lord Bathurst's letter of the 27th March 1813. ( Gone to Prussia )

*30,000 stand of Arms ( 10,000 of these included in the acct.required by Col. Bunbury )ammunition and flints in 6 | Ordered 1st April, in consequence of Col. Bunburys with note of the same date.( 10,000 to ---- on for Divisions of 5,000 each. German Levis. 5,000 to Sweden 5,000 in Depot at Heligoland 10,000 sent to Prufsia. )

*10,000 Stand of Arms with ammunition and flints.| Ordered 10th April in consequence of Mr. Cookes note recd. that day but dated the 13th April. ( I suppose for " Ladies Adventure " if so, sent to Prufsia ).

20,000 Stand of Arms with ammunition and flints.| Ordered in consequence of Col. Bunbury's letter of 26 April.

2,000 sabres.

To be embarked in 4 small Transports in equal Divisions. (12,000 Musqts and 1200 sabres sent to the Prussians.8,000 Musqts and 800 sabres to Sweden )

A Brigade of 6 pdrs with ammunition and half a million of Ball Cartridges and a proportion of flints| Ordered 4th May 1813. ( There is nothing in the Office to show by whom ordered or for what service ).

The Battering Train. | For which The Prince Regent's Pleasure was signified in Lord Bathurst's letter of 8th May.

( 116 pieces with stores, etc. presented to Rufsia ).

A quantity of ammunition for guns and small arms and a supply of gunpowder for the Rufsian

3,000 Sabres 3,000 Pistols 1,000 Carbines | Ordered to be sent to Stralsund and placed at the disposal of the British with ammunition and flints. Minister, in consequence of Col. Bunbury's letter of 23 June 1813.( Sweden )

2 Equal Divisions of arms and ammunition consisting each of 5,000 Stand of arms and one million ball cartridges.| Ordered to be shipped in the R---, in consequence of| Col. Bunbury's letter of 23rd June 1813.

( To be held in Depot at Stralsund ).

One Brigade Light 6 pdrs with ammunition etc. ( Ordered to Sweden )| Ordered 1st July, to be

consigned to Admiral Hope

to be held in Depot afloat.

Ammunition for 20,000 Infantry and 10,000 Cavalry.

2,000 Barrels of Powder.

NB. The Equipments marked thus (*) were included in an account furnished to Col. Bunbury on the 8th June, in consequence of his letter of the 10th May 1813, enclosing a schedule of the stores of which the value was required.

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