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Welcome to Access Heritage Inc 's Historic Arms Magazine. Below are a selection of free articles for your interest. A number of the said articles have been donated by the magazine Arms Collecting for which we are truly grateful. The focus of this section is on European and North American arms from 1600 to 1900.


Tin Case Shot in the 18th Century by Adrian Caruana

Percussion Lock for Artillery, 1831 by Captain Henry Dehnel

Method of making Quick Match, c.1787 Edited by Robert Henderson

Muskets and Bayonets

Loading and Firing a French Musket in the Age of Napoleon 1791-1815 by Robert Henderson

On the Thin Red Line: Loading and Firing British Muskets during the Crimean War 1854-1856 by Robert Henderson
This is the first drill for the Pattern 1853 Enfield Rifle Musket.)

Loading and Firing the British Army Baker Rifle, 1799-1815 ed. by Robert Henderson

Fixing a Flint to a Musket in the British Army, 1768-1815 by Robert Henderson

From Bright Steel to Brown: Colour of Brown Bess Barrels, 1757-1815 by Robert Henderson

To Roll the Cartridges, c.1787 Edited by Robert Henderson

Loading and Firing the British Snider Enfield, 1867 ed. by Robert Henderson


The Extraordinary Life and Sword Play of Lieutenant John Shipp
The life of John Shipp is so interwoven with adventure and bravery, it sounds like a work of fiction.  His sword fight with a Ghurka warlord is masterfully recounted by the Lieutenant himself.


Arms Shipments to the Baltic 1813-1814. Compiled by Keith Raynor.

British Sergeant's Pike Drill, 1814 ed. by Robert Henderson

Hamilton Smith's Experiment with Colour of Uniforms, 1800 ed. by Keith Raynor

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