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British Royal Artillery Sword  1846 to Today

Victorian Colonial Wars -   Crimean War   -   American Civil War  - Today

Royal Artillery Sword used by the R Canadian Artillery for sale today

Sword (including Scabbard):

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In  1846, the Royal Artillery discarded the Infantry pattern sword in favour of the Horse Artillery Light Cavalry Sword (this practice was officially recognized in 1857). At that time a chequered back strap was adopted to the pattern. In essence this describes the pattern of sword offered here; a pattern still used today by the Royal Artillery (including RHA) and the Royal Canadian Artillery (including RCHA), along with the Royal Logistics Corps.   In addition, with the shortage of swords, a number of British swords where imported into the United and Confederate States during the American Civil War. 

The 34 inch fullered blade is beautifully etched with the devices of the Royal Artillery.  The example offered here is a copy of an old Wilkinson* sword but with a fake ray skin grip.  The hilt and steel scabbard are deeply plated with nickel.   Overall length is 41 3/4 inches.

Royal Artillery, 1861

 Other Images of Sword:

Royal Arillery sword hilt Canadian for saleRoyal artillery horse and foot sword 1846 to todaydetail of royal artillery sword bladedetail of royal artillery canadian sword blade tip and scabbard

Royal Artillery Officer with Field Gun, 1864


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