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"Helping People Tell Stories." is both a commercial website and a portal to free stories about people, places, events and objects from our shared history. Started in 1995, the site has grown and changed since then. One part of it grew so much in content it was necessary to start its own website: Today it is one of the top sites in the world on that subject.

Access Heritage Inc is our company name. Our company's mission has not changed since we started:

Access Heritage Inc (formerly known as "The Discriminating General") provides an exclusive line of top-quality military heritage products for museums and the selective collector. Products range from custom-made replicas to historical advisor services for museums and the film industry, and stock military reproductions. Access Heritage Inc (formerly The Discriminating General) is committed to museum ethics, and to thorough research and customer education on its entire product line." --Mission Statement, 1995 Business Plan.

In short we put history in your hands so you can tell a story about or simply appreciate events of the past.  After decades of hard work we have become a world leader in what we do. Who do we owe this achievement to? Our clients. They believe in us and we are thankful and honoured to service them.

To Better Serve You we have moved to a new Shared Corporate Warehouse and Shipping Facility in Ottawa!

Climatically controlled and designed for drive-in loading by UPS.  All this for quick and safe handling of your purchase. (sorry no pickups.)

2016: Now shipping part of our inventory from Ogdensburg, NY, USA (45 minutes south of Ottawa)


Founder of Access Heritage Inc, Robert Henderson has been in the field of Heritage a long time.  Starting in the National Historic Sites system in 1983, Mr Henderson worked at the National Archives and as Military Curator for Parks Canada before starting this company in 1995.   Loyalty, honour and family are his core values and he has dedicated his life to preserving and promoting our shared history.  He lives in Ottawa with his wonderful wife Renée and good-natured son Sébastien.




Nominated by the Prime Minister of Canada for his work in preserving and promoting military heritage, Robert Henderson was the recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013.  Mr Henderson was also the co-recipient of the Canadian Royal Heritage Award in 2012.  Between 2013 and 2014 Mr Henderson had the honour of being the historian for the new 1812 National War Monument erected on Parliament Hill.  All historic items used by the sculptor were provided by Access Heritage Inc. 




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