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Cavalry Helmets and Armour

We are honoured to have provided 50 new helmets to the Governor General's Horse Guards  (For Sale: 599.00  779.00 each) 
The Regiment is allied with the Blues and Royals and the Queen's 1st Dragoon Guards. Read their history here.

Probably the most beautiful elements of militaria have come from the world's cavalry. In this section of products we hope to include Cavalry armour (armor) and helmets from the British, French and other nation's armies including from the Napoleonic Wars like the cuirass and helmet of the French Cuirassiers. As items are ready for sale they will be added below.

French Napoleonic Cavalry Helmets

French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet

Carabiner Officer Helmet 1812   649.00
AMR008  (product page under construction)

Napoleonic Cuirassier Trooper's Helmet 549.00 AMR009 (product page under construction)

1811 Light Cavalry Lancer Helmet   599.00
AMR010  (product page under construction)


British Army Cavalry Helmets


lifeguards1.jpg (125866 bytes)
Life Guards Officer's Helmet
(Household Cavalry)

bluesandroyals1.jpg (143740 bytes)
The Blues and Royals Household Cavalry Officer's Helmet

carabiniers1.jpg (63753 bytes)
6th Dragoon Guards Officer's Helmet
(The Carabiniers)

Canadian Army Cavalry Helmets


Royal Canadian Dragoons Helmet


French Napoleonic Cavalry Helmets

French Napoleonic Dragoon Helmet


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