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World War one (WW1) Reproductions Replicas

We provided 80 complete World War One replica uniforms and equipment for the recreated Newfoundland Regiment. 
See them at Signal Hill National Historic Site in St. John's, Newfoundland.


British Infantry Officer Sword with Field Scabbard

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Offered here is the 1897 Pattern British Infantry officer's sword with brown field grip and Sam Browne field scabbard.  Some consider this model to be the best fighting sword ever issued to the British officer. The three-quarter pierced steel basket hilt provided maximum protection, while its 32 inch fullered blade made it an excellent thrusting edged weapon. Of course the blade also has the requisite finely executed etching. The Edward VII Crown and Cypher completes the piece make the appropriate for the South African (Boer) War and World War One.

WW1005 229.00US 279.00CAN

The Grenadier Guards led by Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace.  
Insert: LtCol Corry leading the Guards in France, August 1914.

British Brodie Helmet

Used by British Commonwealth troops and American "Dough Boys", this steel 2nd Pattern Brodie Helmet comes with a 100% accurate natural leather chin strap with slider buckle.  The liner inside however is the more comfortable WW2 pattern.   Fits sizes up to 7 3/8 head size (23 1/8 inches /  58.7 cm circumference) .  Shipping cost in North America: 19.00.


Our Brodie Helmet in Use.  All uniforms and Accoutrements in this video supplied by our Company.


British and Canadian Other Ranks Service Dress Cap

Popular with cap badge collectors, this service dress cap was used by British imperial forces throughout World War 1.  This formed service cap is different from the soft trench cap also used in the war.  The cap badge is not included.  Various head sizes available.  Simply include the measurement of your head with your order.  If you know your hat size please include that as well.    


WW1003  70.00 75.00  SOLD OUT


British Imperial Army Boots

 Used by British Imperial forces, these replica boots come complete with authentic heel plate and hob nails for both grip and added longevity to the leather soles.   Use dark brown polish to achieve the proper field colour.  Sizes available: 8, 9, 10, 11,  & 12.  




British Army Webbing Complete

Supplied to the Canadian Expeditionary Force, this pattern of webbing accoutrements (P'08) remained essentially unchanged throughout World War One (though some field mortifications were adopted).  Based on original examples, the replica (reproduction) set offered here includes all strapping and pouches shown.  Does not include canteen, bayonet or tunic.  Adjustable up to waist size 42.

WW1001 249.00  299.00


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