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Napoleon's Army

Loading and Firing a French Musket in the Age of Napoleon 1791-1815 by Robert Henderson

Eyewitness Account: French Tactics in 1807. by Keith Raynor

Legion Irlandaise (Napoleon's Irish Legion) 1803-1815. by Virginia Shaw Medlen. This author offers us an excellent overview of this famous unit.

The Imperial Guard at Austerlitz and Jena. This is a brief excerpt on the Garde Impériale from 1803 to Jena. A great short read for Napoleonic enthusiasts.

British Army and Navy

British Sergeant's Pike Drill, 1814. Edited by Robert Henderson This rare drill is reproduced here.

Method of making Quick Match. Edited by Robert Henderson Information for the perfectionist gunner.

To Roll the Cartridges. Edited by Robert Henderson Taken from an original manuscript and useful to any reenactor rolling cartridges.

A Letter from the H.M.S. Queen Edited by Keith Raynor This is an excellent letter from a sailor after the Glorious 1st of June.

Two Nelson Letters Edited by Keith Raynor For the dedicated followers of Nelson here are a couple of interesting documents.

Two Battle of Waterloo Letters Edited by Keith Raynor These letters offers additional pieces to the puzzle of one of the most battles in history.

Report on the Losses at Corunna, 1809. Edited by Keith Raynor This document provides valuable information on the hardships faced by the British Army during their retreat to Corunna.

Riflemen of the 95th Regiment at Corunna, 1808-1809. by Keith Raynor For those interested in adventures of Sharpe, this article will be of particular interest.

(See our War of 1812 website for further articles on the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars.)

Armies of Russia, Prussia and Austria

Arms Shipments to the Baltic 1813-1814. Compiled by Keith Raynor. This collection of documents shows that England was truly the banker of Europe.

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