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To Roll the Cartridges, 1787
Submitted by Robert Henderson

The following is the proper technique used by the British Army to roll musket cartridges. Reproduced from a manuscript in the possession of the Royal Artillery Library and dated sometime between 1787 and 1793, this article is useful to any individual reeacting from the Seven Years War to the Napoleonic Wars.

To Roll the Cartridges

The Wood Former being laid within side the edge of the paper 6d bring that edge up, and with the right hand little finger push part of the corner at 6 into the hollow at the end of the Former; then put a Ball into the Hollow and roll up the Paper quickly~

When rolled, take it in the Left Hand and at the End next the Ball, choak the Paper close with a small choaking line fixt to the Table, and then ease off the Line and give a Double Hitch with Dutch Twine, spreading the tuft end of the Paper down with the right fore finger; then draw the Hitches tight, cutting off the ends, not quite close, with a knife fixed to the Table~

Tin Measures adapted to contain the quantity of Powder of each Nature, and Tin Funnels are required. The Measure being properly filled as in the Table, the Neck of the Funnel is put in a position nearly upright in a small wood Box, or they may be so ranged in the Box belfore the Powder is put into them.

Lastly a Double Hitch of Dutch Twine must be given to choak the Paper close just above the Top of the Powder, concluding with a single Knot~ The end of the Paper aove the Choak is to be left from half an inch to an Inch in length, a little twisted and turned down~

There must be some allowance for waste of Paper in making the Cartridges and packing; as likewise a small quantity of Dutch Twine and thread~

Note~The Labourers pay is 1s/6d per day, and the Boys 1s/~ Ten hours are to considered as one working day~

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