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Royal Navy Uniform, 1604

The following is extracted from a manuscript in the British Museum:

"JAMES R.-- James, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, Kinge, Defender of the Faithe, etc. To our trustie and right well-beloved Counsellor Sir George Howmes, Knight, Mr of our greete wardrobe, and to the Mr of the same that here after for the tyme shal be, greetinge, Wee will and commaunde you ymediatlie vpon the sight hereof, to delyer or cause to be deliuered vnto our well-beloved servants, John Austin, Thomas Grove, John Hankin, John Eliot, Roger Morice, and Thomas Tompson, six principall Maisters of or ships by vs appointed to that office, their p'cells following for theire Lyurie coat, that is to saie, To eury of them two yards of fyne red cloth, at thirtene shillings and fower pence a yarde. Item. to eury of them two yards of velvet for gardinge the same coats, at twentie shillings the yarde. To eury of them ten ounces of silke lace for garnishinge the same coats, at two shillings and fower pence the ounce. To eury of them two ounces of sowinge silke, at twentie pence the ounce. Item, to eury of them two yardes of passamayne lace, at fower pence the yarde. Item, to eury of them two dozen of buttons of silke and golde, at two shillings and sixpence the dozen. Item, for imbroderinge of theire coats with ships, roses, crownes, and or L'res I. R. richlie imbrodered wth Venice golde, silver, and silke, and wth spangles of siluer and silke, price the peice fower pounds. Item, to eury of them one yarde and a half of fustian for lyninge the bodies, at twelue pence the yarde. To eury of them two yardes and a quarter of bayes for the skirtes of tbeire coates, at two shillings and six pence the yarde. To eury of them for facinge, half a yarde of taffatie, and to eury of them two dozen of silke peynts wth siluer tags, and for makinge of eury of the same coates thirtene shillings, fower pence. And also wee will and comaunde you, that on the Sixtenth day of March, against the feast of Easter, wth shal be in the yeare of Or Lord God 1605: And so for that eury like daye wth hereafter shal happen eury yeare, you deliuer or cause to be deliuered vnto the saide John Awstyn, Thomas Grove, John Hankin, John Eliot, Roger Morrice, & Thomas Tomson, to eury of them for their lyveries the like p'cells duringe theire lives: And to eury one that shal succeed them in that ofhce in like sorte as they have. And this or L'res, signed wth or owne hande, shal be yor sufficient warrante, dormant, and discharge in that behalf for the deliuery of the prmisses in forme aforesaide. Given under os signel this sixt daye of Aprill, Anno d'ni 1604, And in the yeares of oure raigne of England, France, and Irelande, the Second, And of Scotlande the Seuen and Thirteth.

It may please yor Matie to renewe this warrante for the lyueries of the six principall Mres of yor Highnes ships, the same being drawne verbatim wth the warrante signed by the late queene, wch by reason of her deathe is become voide, and they denyed the havinge of theire lyueries until it shal please yor Matie to renewe the former warrante.


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