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17th Century Flintlock Musket 1620

English Civil War - Colonial America

Historical Background

Crafted in the Swedish style, this was the first dog lock style or "English lock" introduced into English forces and was used in the English Civil War. The original this reproduction is crafted after is from the Royal Armouries in the Tower of London. In colonial America, this switch to this style of dog lock seems to have occurred as early as 1620. Several of these locks were found archaeologically in Virginia including at Jamestown and at an early 17th century outpost near Yorktown. In addition others have been found in Rhodes Island and in Plymouth. There is evidence that this style was still be being used in King Philip's War in the 1670s and even into the 1690s. Indeed by 1677 matchlocks were outlawed for military use in some colonies in America, and the dog lock in this and its later lock shape became dominant. Obviously from coastal raids and prizes at sea, this style of musket would have found its way into the hands of various pirates and privateers during the golden years of pirating.

A Dutch Soldier in 1648 with this pattern of flintlock



This reproduction has a 42 inch (107 cm) long, octagon-to-round, .75 calibre barrel that is made of tempered seamless carbon steel (type:BS970 no.080M40) with a tight breech plug. The overall length is 57" (145 cm) and weighs 9 lbs (approximately 4 kg). As with all our other black powder muzzleloaders, the vent is not drilled (read details below) so we can ship easily to your door throughout North America and to Europe and the UK. Aside from that they are exactly like the originals. A fine addition to any collection.


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Mid- 17th Century Flintlock: 559.00 699.00 (MTS-028)

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Our Guarantee

If upon receiving your musket you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it for a refund. All we ask is you cover the shipping costs. It has to be returned in two weeks of receipt and be in its original state (unaltered and unmodified).

Non-Firing State

We sell historically accurate muskets and pistols in a non-firing state. This allows us to comply with various local, state, national and international firearms regulations, along with shipping company policy restrictions. A certified gunsmith may decide to alter a musket or pistol to a firing state by drilling the vent hole and test firing it. We are not legally responsible for any changes from its present state.     Please read our Conditions of Use and Legal Disclaimer.  The customer is expected to be aware of the laws of their locality that govern products of this nature.

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