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Custom Die Stamping and Plating Service
High Quality - Fast - Affordable

The Service... providing brass and copper custom-made die stamped items such as:

These items can then be plated with tin, nickel, gold, or silver. An added service is custom items can be antiqued to create a certain look the client wishes to achieve.

Costs... The price of making the die is included in the price of the items made. In the past die making set up costs, which in the past were in the thousands of dollars, was a separate charge and discouraged many from stamping items. The large badges you see above cost between $40.00US and $65.00US each with a minimum order of just 50 units. That is it! Plating in gold or silver is only $2.00US - $4.00US extra per item. All these costs are based on the client providing a prototype or workable art to make a die from.

Art Services... If the client only has a concept or sketch to work from we can develop a sculpted prototype that the die stamp can be made from. The cost depends on the complexity of the work.

Delivery Time.... If provided with a prototype, production of a die and striking of the required items can take as little as 4 to 6 weeks. Rush jobs are considered, but are subject to additional charges and schedule considerations.

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