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French Model 1805 Cavalry Pistol  (1806 - 1840)

 Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII (1805)

Napoleonic Wars  -   War of 1812  -  Waterloo  - 1830s European Revolutions (Les Miserables)

 Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII

Other Images:  Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII  French 1805 Model Cavalry Pistol from the Napoleonic Wars Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII French 1805 Cavalry Pistol Reverse Side Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII French Napoleonic Pistol Detail Pistolet de cavalerie modèle an XIII detaile

Historical Background

With over 300,000 made, the AN XIII or Model 1805 French Cavalry pistol was the most used cavalry pistol during the Napoleonic Wars.  Manufactured from 1806 to 1814 in the various armouries of Napoleon's France, the version of this pistol offered here is marked to the Imperial armoury of St. Etienne.  It's design improved upon  its predecessors, the 1766 model and the Year 9 Model.     Like the previous models, the grip is reinforced with a steel spine, and the brass pan deters corrosion.  Instead of a barrel band catch that is inlet into the wood weakens the stock, the band is instead secured by a brass tongue held by the front lock screw (see opposite side picture).  Exposing the ramrod more by shortening the stock allows the cavalryman's gloved hand to draw it more easily.   During the Battle of Waterloo French Cuirassiers rode close to British Infantry square formations and discharged this pistol into the massed troops.

A French Carabinier is caught with his Model 1805 Cavalry Pistol unloaded at the Battle of Waterloo
A French Carabinier is caught with his Model 1805 Cavalry Pistol unloaded at the Battle of Waterloo

After the Napoleonic wars, because so many were made, this pistol continued its use for most of the half half of the 19th century. Below is a painting of the Papal cavalry near Rome being ambushed by Italian brigands in 1819 (by Carle Vernet).  Interestingly enough, today it also appeared in the film Les Miserables, depicting the French Revolution of 1830.

Papal Cavalry attacked by Italian Bandits 1819 using French Cavalry Pistol


This design began to be copied in the United States by the gunmaker Edward Evans in 1812 and throughout the War of 1812 he produced thousands for the US Cavalry.    The only difference was Evans kept the barrel band catch.   It is also clear that the US Model 1813 Cavalry pistol was influenced by this French model.  As most of Evans pistols were made towards the end of the war, it is likely they saw more use in the westward expansion of the United States.


This reproduction 8 inch octagonal-to-round barrel has a .69 calibre barrel.  With an overall length of 14 1/2 inches, this model offered the cavalryman more ease in drawing and loading during combat. The highly-polished steel used in the barrel is made of tempered seamless modern steel (type:BS970 no.080M40) with a tight breech plug.  It's overall weight is 2.9 pounds (1.3 Kg).  The reproduction offered here is stamped with the historically appropriate proof, inspector, and controller markings for St. Etienne armoury in 1812.

The lock is made with strong durable springs and has a case-hardened frizzen (hammer) that throws good sparks. We use a industrial case-hardening factory process that makes sparking both more reliable and longer lasting. Presently no other musket provider uses this technique.

As with all our other flintlocks, the vent is not drilled (read details below) so we can ship easily to our door throughout North America and to Europe and the UK. Aside from that they are exactly like the originals. A fine addition to any collection.

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French 1805 Cavalry Pistol: 359.00 (MTS-047)

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